First, think about what your vision is for the wedding. Will it be in the church? Will it be at a venue, a lakeside area, an orchard? Or maybe it'll be at your home or a relative's backyard. There are so many options.

Once you settle on a wedding date, a venue area, then you need to think about what you will need to carry off what you want for the ceremony and reception. After you get a guest list somewhat put together, then you'll want to talk to whomever has the items you need to rent. It truly is a great way to get the atmosphere you want for the event and is convenient in having it set up as well as tear down.

For instance, when brides come into Party Productions, they usually have an idea of what colors, size of guest list and where it will happen. We encourage the brides to call the store and set up an appointment with our rental gal, Alli. Once you come in, have your information with you so that we can do our best to accommodate everything you want. There are flyers you can have to look at physically and there are flyers online too. Having the info in your hands is the best so that you can be at home and truly look at what you can get, how it works with your budget and if it is feasible for what you want to do.

The ceremony usually needs items for the altar, the seating area/pews if in a church or outdoor type venue. Will you need pedestals for the floral arrangements? Do you need an arch? What about candelabras? Also lanterns or glass globes on stands that attach to the pews or maybe just sit creatively on the floor on either side of the aisle runner. Do you need an aisle runner? Weddings are unique and yours should be too. Make it so by having things there that accentuate your ideas into reality.

Will you need a tent? Will it be open or with sides to block the wind or possibly rain? Will the guests sit only on chairs or maybe at tables that can later be transformed into tables for the reception activities. Whoever you decide to rent things from make sure everything is explained to you in regards to costs, setup/teardown fees, mileage to/from the site from rental place, extra fees if any damage is incurred. Things to implement into your budget in case you need to. If not, good for you, but at least you're prepared.

The tables set the mood for your guests once they arrive for ceremony and/or reception. Many weddings are combining the two events into one so that the venue space can be best utilized and maybe save some funds too. Will the tables be the standard banquet size of 8' or maybe the 5' rounds? There are cocktail tables too if you want for your happy hour as well as serpentine tables for food or gift display. So many options to make your event special.

Another area to think about is the tablecoverings and centerpieces. Will they be linen or will they be the plastic table covers? So many colors, textures and fabrics to choose from if you go linen and then the rainbow of colors available if you use the plastic variety. Make sure if you have the linen version that you might need a steamer to get any creases out. Assign that to someone so it's not on your "to do" list. Centerpieces can be about anything these days. They should relate to your atmosphere you are trying to create, your colors, your personal passions and items that reflect you the couple. Think about if they'll be short or will they be tall with florals and jeweled strands hanging down for candlelight accents. Keep in mind who might be at that table so it is easy for them to see/converse w/ the person across the table. Also, make sure that the centerpieces if near real flame are not going to be a fire issue later. Like you need one more thing to worry about but that one is important. On a round table just one in the middle is good while a standard table you might do two to a table.

This was in a magazine that comes to our workplace. Really good data on costs of putting on a wedding. These are estimates and not exact costs; every vendor is different.
Info might help you with getting a budget together for your event.
This is from from 2019 but some of these ideas are kind of cool. You might think about them for your wedding day!

It's Beginning To Look ALOT Like Weddings Around Here!

You can tell the atmosphere is all systems BRIDE! Yep, the holidays are over but the planning is going on full steam ahead. In just a few days, we've been approached by brides to be, MIL's (Mother-In-Laws) and also nervous grooms who are just finding out what is to happen to their lives in months ahead.  They all want to know what is the newest trends, colors (Pantone's Color of the Year is MAGENTA!) and whether or not a plate can hold a slab of beef or really heavy sides. It all matters because the brides/grooms of today want it all perfect. They want that celebration with family and friends to be perfect in every sense or at least to their version of perfect right?

So  just to give you a taste of things to come, at the Party Productions store, we are already getting inundated w/ calls about booking tents, tables/chairs, if we have certain types of linens in certain colors, the lighting/draping that can be done. Everything is in initial stages of planning. We have the people to get the job done let me tell you. We also refer bridal couples to people we know do a great job in certain areas we don't do. Everyone works like a team to help the bridal couples get what they want. The benefit of shopping local with your vendors is that you can actually sit down w/ the owner or main contact for that service, have a real conversation and get a honest quote or idea of what they can do and for how much. That's great you know how to shop online, but when it comes to weddings, please utilize the people that know what they are doing and have done so for years. Make them show you what they have done in the past and better yet, how about an event they did recently. It doesn't have to be a wedding!

Now the vendor show coming up on January 8th at the Webster County Fairgrounds from 12-3pm is a quick, easy, FREE way to meet n greet the local vendors in the region who specifically do weddings or have a strong wedding service that might be what you need. You'll register, heck you might win one of those HUGE gift certificates to use at any vendor at the show. You'll go around and each vendor will mark your slip you'll turn in at the end of your visit. It's a great way to book a service, ask questions, set up an appointment to visit more intimately w/ the service provider. It's fun, there is door prizes, food samples and all kinds of neat things for you to gather while your their in your registration bag. Then take it home, spill it all out on your table, take it all in. Decide on who might do best for your wedding day experience. They wouldn't be at this show unless we thought they were quality, we kind of curate who gets to be in it so that you actually get the information you need. It matters.

You're going to get hit with all kinds of information by both sides of the family as to what to do and the traditions they've always done for previous weddings, etc. Just remember that it is YOUR day as a couple and your decisions are what is to be....period. They can give you advice and support you, but you have the final say. Be careful on the those who use the "well we plan on paying for this and we already talked to our friend who does this..." Ummmm. NO. Thank them for their generosity, but if that service doesn't fit your vision nor budget ideals, put your foot down. It's hard but keep to your goals. We hope that our blogs give you some advice that seems sound, helps you calm down the excitement that you and all in your circle will have when it comes to a wedding. Maintain control, be flexible and remember it's about YOU one else. Congratulations and all of us involved w/ the 2023 FD Regional Bridal Extravaganza look forward the helping you for your wedding day planning!

Okay, So now what do I do....before I say "I DO!"

On this website there is a Wedding Planning Worksheet you can download. I cannot tell you how many of these I have seen that "try" to keep you organized for wedding planning but this one, just wow. It automatically keeps track of your funds you have set aside in your budget for the wedding. Other worksheets look cool n' chic, this one keeps you on track. We put on here so that everyone has access to it to make their decisions flow smoother and things get done. It's going to get hectic so you might as well have something in your backpocket to make it all go smooth as butter right?

Listen to both sides of the soon to be merged family. Everyone will give their opinion, but it is YOUR day, always keep that in mind. Find out the traditions, colors, memory of lost loved ones expectations, clothing choices, venues, etc. Write it down, then sit together to discuss how these might fit into your wedding day.

It's Beginning To Look Like Wedding Season!

Oh my goodness is it coming in like a windstorm those brides, they are really! It has been fun watching all the newly engaged couples coming in to do their "recon" of the store here in Fort Dodge to see what they can do for their weddings. The best part is telling them that they have other resources too; which are the vendors in our show. We happily tell the brides about the show, the website, and the local vendors that can make anyone's wedding day happen!

The calls are coming in to think about what they want for color themes, looking at rentals and where they plan on having the ceremony. the reception, the transportation for the bridal party from here to there, etc. The vendors at our show are committed to making the wedding day a great experience. The best part of this show is how the brides can talk to the vendors "one on one" and find out what is available for booking. By doing so, they can get things off their list of "to do's" and secure a service they need for their wedding.

Gluten Free Wedding Planner When you are planning your wedding, there maybe a number of guests who are celiac/gluten free or some other dietary need. There are some great steps you can take to ensure they have a great time at your event. Maybe you are the one that has the dietary issue or your groom. If so it is important that your venue, the caterers and those you have help serve (family members or whomever) be knowledgeable about how to serve the food to avoid a cross contamination situation. It is very hard to control and to make that happen, especially in a wedding situation. With some guidance and educating the crew doing this for your event you will provide a safer environment for you, your groom and everyone who is at your wedding. It can be done. This is a great resource to have you use for your wedding planning.